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The Esperantos' sound is infectious, catchy garage rock. Guitarist Phil Roth, bassist Aaron Cianek, and drummer Joe Jacobs have made a name for themselves in the last year tearing up clubs in their hometown of Saginaw, Michigan, and now they are ready to take on the rest of the universe. The band has finished their album for Red Car Records with Boston producer Richard Marr. The CD is available for mail order here and at CD Baby.

Some recent press:

"...a sound that piqued the interest of Boston music makers who caught The Esperantos on Soon, the trio from Bay City was working with producer Richard Marr, who liked what he heard and kept the recording true to the live sound.

'It was kind of weird at first, kind of different,' Roth said. But they really liked what was coming back at them when the project was done, and reportedly, so did some heavy hitters, including Little Steven Van Zandt, whose weekly radio program profiles garage bands making their mark." —The Saginaw News

"The band recall the fiery, swaggering grit of The Stooges, the
intellectual pop song craftsmanship of The Kinks and the driving riffs of a punk generation often mythically remembered but rarely paid proper tribute. The good ol’ blues-inflected rock ‘n’ roll that’s not afraid to be dirty is back with The Esperantos." Real Detroit Weekly