The Charms
The Charms released"Heroes And Villains" on November 15. This, the fifth overall release by The Charms will be available digitally only. It features four new originals (How Can You Break a Heart, Get It Right Back, Don't Let Me Down, and The One That You Want) and covers of Aerosmith's "Sick As A Dog" and T. Rex's "Elemental Child". Five of the songs were recorded at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit with Jim Diamond (The Von Bondies, Electric Six) and the sixth with Paul Santo, who has worked with Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, and Eric Carmen.
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The Esperantos band
The Esperantos' sound is infectious, catchy garage rock. Guitarist Phil Roth, bassist Aaron Cianek, and drummer Joe Jacobs have made a name for themselves in the last year tearing up clubs in their hometown of Saginaw, Michigan, and now they are ready to take on the rest of the universe. The band has completed their album for Red Car Records, and it is out now!
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jenny creep The Midnight Creeps
Straight out of the bowels of Creepsville USA armed with sleazy tales of sin, sex, and destitution come the Midnight Creeps to bring the danger back to rocknroll! Consisting of singer Jenny Hurricane, guitarist Stimbot, bassist Jonas Parmelee, and drummer... ummm... well we don't know who the drummer is right now but anyway the Midnight Creeps specialize in churning out three-minute roller coasters of good gone bad. The Midnight Creeps have toured extensively playing well over 500 shows in the past 4 years both in the US & Europe including such festivals as Holidays in The Sun/Wasted & Viva Le Punk leaving a trail of busted eardrums and broken hearts in their wake. Look for their Red Car debut in February.
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jenny creep
Interview with Troy Gregory
Troy Gregory and the Stepsisters
Troy Gregory And The Stepsisters have signed an exclusive deal with RCR for the release of the "World War Love" DVD. This is a film produced by Troy which features a host of Detroit's rock illuminaries including members of The Dirtbombs and The Electric Six. Troy currently plays Bass in The Dirtbombs. His amazing history includes playing in Metal Superstars PRONG and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM. He has also released several solo records and four albums with the legendary WITCHES.
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merrily is a songwriter, vocalist and pianist beyond category. merging jazz, folk, pop, rock, gothic, blues and dark carnival, her songs are vivid, immediate and unforgettable. in performance, she is a fever dream come to life.

a native of portland, oregon, she lives in phoenix, arizona. in addition to her solo work, she plays keyboard and sings backup in fatigo.

merrily's first cd, mer. sea., was released on december 21, 2007

8BITches Red Car Records

What is Chip Hop? It's Big Pick Zel-rhymes/circuit scratching, 8BIT Ché-Gameboy/revolutionary beats and Li'L BIT-vocoder/casio vl-tone/moog. It's pop music that has geek appeal.. And mass appeal. It's a new era, a fusion--8BITches are the only people rapping about video games , the blue screen of death, online lifestyle over original beats and sounds - no sampling. It's the 8 Bit sound track for the online generation.

The Malamondos

the malamondos red car records

Hailing from Greensboro, North Carolina., Southern Psychobilly band The Malamondos know how to drink you under the table and then show you a good time when you're down there! Check out their new release Roctopussy, out digitally and on cd.