Our mission as an independent record label is to bring back the ‘development’ in artist development. The corporate view today in the music business seems to be to find one hit wonders, milk them for all you can, and drop them when you can’t suck anything else from them. What we hope to do here at Red Car is to focus on finding raw talent and develop them into successful recording and touring artists. We have assembled a group of musicians, artists, graphic designers, producers and image specialists to work with us and our artists in this development process. Every penny we spend is spent on making great records and marketing them. This is a label for the working artist. We believe that our philosophy harkens back to the tried and true means of combining music and business into a profitable and inspiring atmosphere for the artists on our label.

What is your demo policy?

Our policy is simply send us your demos. We're always interested in new talent, and if it seems like you'd be a good fit with our label, we'd love to hear from you. We're interested in all genres and sounds, not just garage rock, so don't be shy. See the Contact page for info about sending stuff to us.

I'm an independent music store owner. How can I get your records to sell?

We'd love to get our records out there and into your store—check out the Contact page for information about distributing or reselling our catalog.

How do I book one of your bands?

We're a label, not a booking agent—all of our bands are booked through their own agents. Please contact the bands or check out their web sites for information on booking live shows.